Marshall Wallace {March 22, 2015}

This is my second shoot with Marshall. This time for his spring senior session we went to his hometown of Piedmont, Okla. Now for being a small town, Piedmont had a cool downtown. We roamed this one street and found some pretty neat spots. We also visited Piedmont’s high school field where we took some photos too. Thanks Marshall and the rest of the Wallace clan for letting me take your photos!

Here are some photos from the shoot:copyrightedIMG_1586 copyrightedIMG_1612 copyrightedIMG_1600 copyrightedIMG_1643 copyrightedIMG_1649 copyrightedIMG_1655 copyrightedIMG_1668 copyrightedIMG_1674 copyrightedIMG_1685 copyrighteddiptych

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