Michelle Browne {April 13, 2017}

Meet Michelle! I went to undergrad with this lovely lady, and now she’s graduating from grad school with her Master of Social Work. Woohoo congrats! For her session, we roamed around Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City. Now the weather for this day was quite…terrible. It rained (or rather poured) most of the shoot. With this date being the only date available for both of us, it was definitely a Tim Gunn “make it work” moment. The good thing about a rainy, overcast day is that colors pop in photos, so we took full advantage of all the bright colors. We also took full advantage of the nearby cupcake shop, Sara Sara Cupcakes, when it was torrential downpouring. (We love cupcakes!) Thanks Michelle for letting me take your graduation photos and for being a good sport during our session. Hope you love your photos!

Here are some photos from Michelle’s session:

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Please do not crop, edit, or alter the image(s) in any way. All images and their copyright are property of Samantha Kurtz Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.

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