The Atchley Family {December 4, 2016}

Meet the Atchley family! I can’t even begin to explain how adorable this family is; I’ll let the photos show you. Before we get into that, I just have to mention that little Emma LOVES leaves (a girl after my own heart). Her face lit up when she saw them. It was so precious! So of course I had to add a few of her and leaves. Thanks Atchley family for letting me take your family photos!

Here are some photos from the shoot:

copyrightedimg_9055 copyrightedimg_9072 copyrightedimg_9203 copyrightedimg_9213 copyrightedimg_9265 copyrightedimg_9130 copyrighteddiptych copyrightedimg_9319 copyrighteddiptych copyrightedimg_9477


Please do not crop, edit, or alter the image(s) in any way. All images and their copyright are property of Samantha Kurtz Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.

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