Caitlyn Maye {November 19, 2015}

Meet Caitlyn Maye! For her graduation shoot we roamed around Oklahoma State University’s campus. We had to reschedule our first shoot because the weather was yucky, 40+ mph winds + a graduation hat = bad news. Thankfully, this day was perfect! Caitlyn was such a joy to photograph! She is such a natural in front of the camera. She has a genuine smile and has a self-confessed “awkward” personality. Let’s just say, we got along just great! Congrats on the upcoming graduation! Your kindness and warm spirit will take you far. Thanks for letting me take your photos!

Here are some photos from the shoot:copyrightedIMG_1896 copy copyrightedIMG_1913bw copyrightediptych copyrightedIMG_2031 copyrightedIMG_2048 copyrighteddiptch2 copyrightedIMG_2068 copyrightedIMG_2111 copyrightedIMG_2144


Please do not crop, edit, or alter the image(s) in any way. All images and their copyright are property of Samantha Kurtz Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.

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