The Harrelson Family {April 16, 2015}

Welcome to the world Miss Annalyn! For the Harrelson’s family shoot we took photos in their backyard; it had gorgeous lighting! Miss Annalyn was a little unsure about being outside and laying on strange objects, but she seemed to be OK with it after a little bit. I love how the photos turned out! Thanks Harrelson family for letting me take your photos!

Here are some photos from the shoot:
copyrighteddiptych2 copyrightedIMG_2240 copyrighteddiptych copyrightedIMG_2269 copyrightedIMG_2325 copyrightedIMG_2356 copyrightedIMG_2437 copyrightedIMG_2375 copyrightediptych3

Please do not crop, edit, or alter the image in any way. All images and their copyright are property of Samantha Kurtz Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.

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