Austin + Hanna {December 7, 2014}

This is Austin and Hanna (and Samson)! I’ve been friends with Hanna for many many many years. When she asked me if I could squeeze her in for a quick shoot, I was ecstatic! Any excuse to see a dear friend. For their shoot we went to the University of Oklahoma’s campus. I love this campus. It a great spot for photo shoots year round. Austin and Hanna were natural models, but Samson on the other hand…he had to be bribed with constant treats. Such a diva! Thanks guys for letting me take your photos! Below are some photos from the shoot and a few behind the scene photos.

copyrighteddiptych copyrightedIMG_0261 copyrightedIMG_0237 copyrightedIMG_0289 copyrightedIMG_0295 copyrightedIMG_0299 copyrightedIMG_0312

Behind the scenes:

I think people assume that photo shoots involving dogs are simple and easy. I mean, how could a cute dog not cooperate? Here are a few photos of Samson wanting to act like a dog and not a model. He was over this whole photo shoot thing in about five minutes.

cIMG_0243 cIMG_0266 cIMG_0252

Please do not crop, edit, or alter the image in any way. All images and their copyright are property of Samantha Kurtz Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Austin + Hanna {December 7, 2014}

  1. Fantastic photos! I think you’ve become my favorite known photographer. 🙂 You’ve come so far from where you began. And is it still so fall looking there? It’s beautiful ♥


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